Description of the job

Remediation and demolition of Cet 1 installation:

  • removal of all asbestos and mineral fibres insulation systems
  • removal of fluids and residues from the installations
  • controlled demolition flush with the floor and recovery of ferrous materials
  • construction of structural reinforcements for the remaining installations

30 specialised workers worked for one year and a half for the removal of asbestos and other dangerous substances. Other teams of technicians and workers carried out the controlled demolition works in the plant and the structural reinforcements; these activities were realised discontinuously.

Technical data


  • mq. 18.410 plan surface


  • mq. 50.977 of asbestos/mineral wool on pipes
  • mq. 13.572 of asbestos/mineral wool on the ground
  • mq. 42.704 of polythene
  • 2.000 tons of reinforced concrete
  • 9.000 tons of ferrous scrap


ilva 1


Customer: ILVA

Construction site: Centrale CET 1

Area: Taranto

Work Termination: 2010




The TIA group was founded after the war and became the leading asbestos removal company in Italy in the 1990s.

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