Certifications held by Tecnologie Industriali & Ambientali S.p.A.


July 2022: UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015  certification for the following types of products, processes and services:

Design and provision services: decontamination of asbestos and soil remediation. Strip-out and demolition works.

pdfDecember 2019: ISO 14001: 2015 certification for the following activities:

 Service planning and supply for asbestos removal and remediation of polluted sites, Design and installation of photovoltaic systems, Roofing

pdf January 2020: ISO UNI 45001:2018 certification for the following activities:

Preliminary analisys, design and supply of services for asbestos contamination (including demolition). Design and imp/ementation of reclamation of soils. Construction of roofs. Coordination and management of building works and ancil/ary plant engineering.

pdf April 2015: CEFRIn. 1008 E (Comité français de certification des Entreprises pour la Formation et le suivi du personnel travaillant sous Rayonnements Ionisants), allowing to work under ionising radiations in basic nuclear installations and secret basic nuclear installations.

pdf April 2016: TI&A Suisse AG (Swiss company owned by TIA spa)) was awarded with SUVA certification no. 11309488 as specialised company authorised to carry out asbestos removal interventions in the Swiss Confederation.

Authorisations held by Tecnologie Industriali & Ambientali S.p.A.

pdfTIA is registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers for the following categories, in compliance with Ministerial Decree 406 of 28 April 1998, and Legislative Decree 152/06: REGISTRATION NO. MI002787/O of 3 March 2010

Category 10A class A

Asbestos removal activity carried out on the following materials: building materials containing asbestos bound in cementitious or resinoid matrices) Amount for implementable asbestos removal interventions over € 9,000,000.

Category 10B class A

Asbestos removal activity carried out on the following materials: friction materials, insulating materials, panels, cupels, paper and paperboards, textiles, sprayed materials, stucco, enamels, bitumens, glues, gaskets, other insulating materials, pressure containers, end-of-life equipment, other loose materials containing asbestos. Amount for implementable asbestos removal interventions over € 9,000,000.

pdfREGISTRATION NO. MI002787/OS of 06.09.2016

  • Category 9 class B  

Site remediation. Amount for implementable remediation interventions up to € 9.000.000,00.

pdfREGISTRATION NO. MI002787/OS of 20 March 2012

  • Category 8/D  

Waste trading and intermediation without detention. Total quantity higher or equivalent to 6,000 tons and lower than 15,000 tons per year.

pdfSeptember 2022: SOA certificate  (Qualification for the realisation of public works no. 65395/10/00) issued by the certification body C.Q.O.P. for the following categories and qualification classifications:

                  OG1: IV    OG9: IV    OG12: VIII    OS23: IV-BIS


The TIA group was founded after the war and became the leading asbestos removal company in Italy in the 1990s.

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