Description of the job

  • Mapping activity of the pollutants in the former Eternit plant in Bagnoli, prior to the remediation intervention
  • Risk assessment
  • Detailed planning of remediation operations

Given the large size of the area and the different pollutants present in the site, intervention procedure were defined in single areas in a 20x20 metre scheme, thanks to an innovative computer system (Map-info) for the classification of mapping data and procedures.

This made it possible to gather specific information about each small area being treated:

  • waste quantity
  • waste type
  • dangerousness (release index)
  • risk indication
  • intervention procedures

Difficulties faced

  • Self-sown vegetation in the polluted area required manual deforesting work and the installation of air monitoring devices to check and prevent pollution from spreading to the surrounding areas.

Critical points

  • Problems in creating safe conditions because of the state of degradation of the site.

Added value of the auditing activity

  • The computer system allows a detailed real time monitoring of remediation activities and the respect of work plans and environmental parameters set.
  • Amount of the audit fee: €. 154.937

Technical data

Area treated:

  • 150,000 m2 (monitored area in the site)
  • N° of engineering managers: 1
  • N° of computer engineers: 1
  • N° of topographers to survey the area:
  • 6 analysts to map and categorise waste

Significant pollutant quantities detected

  • 550 tons of asbestos powders
  • 6.000 tons of cement-asbestos objects and scrap
  • 700 tons of asbestos-polluted soil
  • 50 tons of various waste having different dangerousness levels




Customer: Bagnoli SpA

Area: Bagnoli (Napoli)

Construction site: ex manufacturing plant Eternit

Work Period: 4 months

Work Termination: 31/05/1999




The TIA group was founded after the war and became the leading asbestos removal company in Italy in the 1990s.

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