Description of the job

  • Friable asbestos removal from ceilings and pipe coatings within tunnels, air conditioning ducts and shafts.
  • Cement-asbestos roofing removal.
  • Partial masonry demolition.

Critical points

  • In order to respect the timing set for the refurbishment of the whole complex, demolition and remediation works were carried out in only 6 months. This required a huge organisation and coordination work.
  • On average, 30 specialised workers were employed simultaneously in 7 work sites.
  • Identification of all the asbestos contained in the building complex was a critical point. In particular, a complete mapping was carried out to find the underfloor pipes which had not been identified yet. A total of 3,600 linear metres of pipes were found, divided into bundles of 6 pipes each. The main problems were their location and conditions, which required working with extreme care.

Innovative solutions adopted

  • In a previously reclaimed area, where there were still traces of paint and asbestos fibres on the ceilings, the hydro-sandblasting method was used. This innovative solution in the asbestos-removal field, implemented in a completely confined space (static and dynamic confinement), made it possible to carry out the work in complete safety, within a limited time and at a reasonable cost. The traditional procedure would have involved much higher costs.
  • Amount of the contract: €. 2.324.056 (for asbestos removal only)

Technical data

Area treated:

  • m3 630 of friable asbestos
    m2 11.000 of cement-asbestos roofing
    m 6.000 of asbestos-coated pipes
    m 600 of asbestos-coated under-eaves ducts
  • N° of work site managers: 3
    N° of specialised workers: 30

  • Waste disposed of:
    Kg 190.000 of friable asbestos
    Kg 210.000 of cement-asbestos


sole 24 ore


Customer: Il Sole 24 Ore

Area: Milano

Construction site: ex stabilimento Italtel

Work Period: 6 months

Work Termination: September 2000




The TIA group was founded after the war and became the leading asbestos removal company in Italy in the 1990s.

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Address: via Salomone 73, 20138 Milano (IT)
Phone number: +39 02 50 99 40 1
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