Description of the job

  • Materials to be removed are usually made of mineral wool with cement-asbestos or ceramic fibre finish; they are used in ducts, pipes and turbines, while the boiler body is made of single or multi-layered mineral wool.
  • The intervention for the machine room of group 3 was carried out in the tunnel where the wireways being treated were fitted. Fire partitions are encapsulated in elastomeric material or similar materials and they are made of a compact and dense asbestos-based mixture, they are one metre long and half a metre large. approx. 100 points were remedied.

Critical points

Since the tunnel is particularly narrow and cannot be confined, the intervention was carried out using the following method:

- on the ground floor of the machine room, where the hatch is, a double-chamber access confinement structure was built without installing any decontamination unit; where the big bag was packed; an aspirator was fitted to clean the suits. A suitable aspirator was placed within the tunnel to clean the waste produced.

Only hard rubber tools were used (hammer, chisel, brushes). As some cables were live, suitable voltage-resistant gloves were used.

Removal and remediation operations were carried out simultaneously. During the removal phase, an air extractor was constantly working to prevent powders from being released into the atmosphere; its suction vent was located near the area being treated.

Technical data

  • Amount of the contract: 540.000 euro




Customer: Enel Power S.p.a.

Area: Civitavecchia

Operation: removing asbestos from the engine room, comun parts, ducts and pipes of group 3

Construction site: Torrevaldaliga Sud

Work Period: 4 months

End of works: June 2003




The TIA group was founded after the war and became the leading asbestos removal company in Italy in the 1990s.

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