Description of the job

  • Remediation of the whole area and buildings. The decommissioned plant used to produce Cement-Asbestos products. The storeyards were used to store and handle the products and contained large quantities of reinforced concrete products, contaminated by reinforced concrete scrap and rubble, which were collected and disposed of. The buildings hosted the production and were made of structures covered with reinforced concrete roof sheets.
  • The contamination of the buildings required the following remediation operations:
  • Reinforced concrete roofing
  • Reinforced concrete waste and scrap on the floors with a similar situation as in the outer area
  • Mud, friable asbestos plaster and raw materials in their tanks, in the furnace area and in the raw material area.
  • Urban-like waste on the whole area
  • Reinforced concrete sewers and asbestos-contaminated soil

Critical points

  • The area was huge and it was impossible to implement static confinements (apart from the enclosed areas containing the furnaces and the raw materials).
  • It was difficult to classify the soils from the sewage trenches, since they were very heterogeneous.

Innovative solutions introduced

  • A SAFE-CAR suction sweeper was used, fitted with localised confinement absolute filters. Thanks to its accessories (extensible pipes), this machine can vacuum-clean both flat surfaces and non-accessible areas, such as holes and overhead surfaces. The safe and high-level performances of this machine made it possible to carry out this remediation in a short time and at a reasonable cost. During the operations, the levels of airborne fibres both in the working area and on the border of the property were constantly monitored: this made it possible to not build static confinements, since this was almost impossible, and to ensure the fibre level was below 2 ff/l for the entire duration of the project.
  • The removal of friable materials from the raw material area and the furnace area was carried out within confined areas. The roofing remediation was carried out using basket platforms. Amount of the contract: € 5,195,556

Technical data

Area treated:

  • 150,000 m2 (total surface of the area)
  • m2 40,000 (indoor surface)
  • N° of worksite managers: 1
  • total N° of workers: 12
  • approx. 7,000 tons of 2A type reinforced concrete materials and scrap
  • approx. 250 tons of 2C type asbestos-contaminated soil
  • approx. 220 tons of friable asbestos to be incinerated




Customer: Bagnoli SpA

Area: Bagnoli (Napoli)

Construction site: sito dismesso ex Eternit

Work Period: 14 months

Work Termination: December 2000




The TIA group was founded after the war and became the leading asbestos removal company in Italy in the 1990s.

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